martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016

Dear 10th grade Biology students:

Here's the videos for aquatic ecosystems for you to review:

1) Aquatic Ecosystems:
2) Water Ecosystem:

After watching the video, resolve the following questionarrie:
1) Name the factors that affect life in aquatic ecosystems.
2) What main characteristic of water environments influences the most aquatic life?
3) Draw, copy and glue, or print the different zones of an aquatic environment.
4) How does Tº varies along the different aquatic environment zones?
5) In which layer of an aquatic ecosystme is more liquely to find the most of nutrients?
6) How is aquatic life classifyied by ecologists? Name at least 5 different organisms species for each classification.

This activity wold be graded friday Nov. 18th along with the Lillehammer-Norway graph about its Tº and precipitation.

Have a nice afternoon.

lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

10TH. GRADE BIOLOGY    Nov. 7th - Nov. 11th. activity up-date.

My dear students:

This week is the final date to present any assignments that maybe you haven`t presented before. Here I'll describe what is going to be taken into account in your midterm report:

1) Matter Cycle presentation, display material and summary
2) 2 summary reports of 2 Ecosystems science magazine issues, it can be a written summary or a conceptual map for each issue.
3) The Role of Climate worksheet, answered during class period.
4) Farming in the Rye, Analize Data activity, tx-bk pag. 79
5) Bio Blog Q/A, about 2 Climate Change scientific magazine issues. 
6) The Greenhouse effect, worksheet resolved.
7) Section assessment Ch 3-3 and Ch 4-1 and 4-2
8) Ch. 4 Assessment, Critical thinking item ·26, pag. 116.

I've already checked out some notebooks. Try to resolve at home what ever I suggested to be completed. Due date for all assignments to be presented: Thursday Nov. 10th.`16.

See you wednesday.

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016

10TH. GRADE BIOLOGY    Oct. 31st - Nov. 4th. activity up-date.


My dear 10th. Students:

During this week, we'll be studying the contents of Ch. 4 Ecosystems and Communities.I'll prepare a work sheet and some other activities related to the topic so you will work with your tx-bk and also by wednesday please bring a tablet or your smart phone to make an internet investigation about some issues of this matter. About your reports related to the past presentations of Cycles of matter:

Those of you who still haven't delivered the card board, please try to finish it up this weekend I'll expect to receive it by tuesday Nov. 1st. Those illustrating instruments will be exposed in the walls near by our Lab class.
The reports about your expos could be sent by mail, and the due date for that purpose is Nov. 1st. as well.

As a home work for this week new topic will be to write a summary, of 2 scientific articles related to Climate Change in our days so you can focus in what activities should be taken into account to heal a little this delicate world wide situation. It has to have your personal conclusion related to these informations.

Issue No. 1: Climate Change, the long reach:

Issue No. 2: Global warming report:

After reading each article please answer the following questionnarie:

Climate Change, the long reach.

      1. What is the Climate Change perspective that, climatologist Richard Zeebe suggest, should be taken into account, because its vital importance?
      2. What does Mr. Zeebe mean about Climate Change "slow feedbacks" give 2 examples.
      3. What is the opinion of climatologist Ana Ravelo about R. Zeebe study?

Global Warming Report.

      1. What is the main cause fot the rising temperatures rates, around the globe?
      2. What does the United Nations climate report predict, that could happend, for the next 1000 years?
      3. Which physical phenomenon causes the global warming?

That will be all, I hope you have a nice weekend. See you next wednesday No. 2nd.'16.

domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016

10TH. GRADE BIOLOGY    Oct. 24th - Oct. 28st. activity up-date.

My dear 10th. Students:

During this week, we'll be sharing the expositions about the Cycles of Matter that your 4 groups have been preparing with the help of the text book and other academic resources that you might took into account for your notes and images about this topic. Be sure to bring your cardboard and to distribute the content of the topics assigned previously last week to all


Our 2nd class will be about Ecosystems and Communities and I will be exposing some introductive issues and you will work in groups reviewing some scientific magazines articles about the topic so you can make a conceptual map of each article, and later resolve a worksheet as a conclusive activity for this concept.

Green House effect:
Latitud and Climate Zones:

If times helps us we'll try to perform a Real world lab Identifying a limiting nutrient, for what we'll check out the materials needed to resolve it this wednesday oct. 26 right after the exposition concludes.

See you then.

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

10TH. GRADE BIOLOGY    Oct. 17th - Oct. 21st. activity up-date.

My dear 10th. Students:

For this week, we`ll be checking out our 1st. partial final grading and performing a feedback of those topics that showed to be not as well understood and learned as expected, during this school year's first academic period.

This tuesday I've programed to develop a dialogued exposition with Ch.3 Ecology, Cycles of matter until nutrient limitation, We`ll resolve some worksheets related to this topic to make a closure to every doubt that you could have about it.

For those of you that need to undergo the leveling process, there is a worksheet about Ecology and all the topics evaluated in the final exam of this 1st. partial, that will be delivered and explained during our regular biology class; this activity will be valued as leveling instrument for you to aprove the partial grading.

By thursday we'll be starting Ch. 4 about the Role of Climate.

I hope that you can accomplish all you can and work hard this new academic period.

martes, 11 de octubre de 2016


My dear 10th. Students:

The contents to be evaluated in the 1st. partial final test in this subject you need to study with your text book from page 63 to 78, pay close attention to the graphs about the topics explained in those pages, and to all key concepts written in bold ink.

Remember to bring all the reports, or card boards made for the expos presented to Mr. Galeas, during his classes. These evidences will be graded as accumulative activities.

Good lock in all your evaluative activities.

viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016


My dear 10th. Students:

Due to my traveling overseas, I've arranged my substitution with Mr. Lombardo Galeas who is going to be incharge of you until my comming back on October 10th, if God allows our proposals.

In this matter, here is what its going to be review for your Biology mid term evaluation report, so try to make Mr. Galeas takes note of all your pending assignmets that haven't been graded.

Description of the activities to be evaluated for reporting mid term partial.

- 3 notebook revisions, with everything that has been developed in class and this blog prior assignments.
- 1 Ciber Investigation about Science and Biology contributions since 1992 to 2012, presented in a time line illustration.
- Questionnaire of Tx- Bk, pag 57.
- 10% Quiz
- Carbon Compounds summary and exposition.
1 study guide about Enzymes, to be resolve during class period next week.
and 5% of class behavior related to our Class rules compromise.

Be good to Mr. Galeas and show him all your pending assignments accomplishments, so he may actualize your mid term gradings.

See you in Oct. 10th 2016.